Gourmet Brewing, Instantly Easy.

• G3 Digital Control Module provides precise control over all aspects of brewing in an intuitive, easy-to-read and operate system
• Pre-Set Global Recipes at the touch of a single button – no complex equipment required
• Double-wall construction in each Satellite Server helps maintain coffee temperature with minimal heat
• Field selectable for One, Two or Three Batch brewing
• Enhanced Recovery Circuitry – boosts performance on 220V/single phase models
• All features Standard from Curtis®… extra from others

Legendary Performance, Incredible Advanced Design – Incredibly Easy to Use

With Generation Three (G3) technology and the Gemini® history that is as rich as the coffee it brews, Curtis® introduces a highly advanced gourmet coffee brewing system. The unique Universal Control Module, easy to read display and simple interface make operating easy.

Gemini® systems are available in both single and twin, designed to optimize coffee quality and flavor, while reducing maintenance and service. The Satellite Servers maintain coffee temperature, preserving the rich and bold flavor for extended periods. On-Board self diagnostics continually sense proper brewing operations and a Service Phone Number and error code are displayed in the event technical assistance is required.

Curtis® G3 technology combines precision brewing capability with an easy-to-use interface. All brewing functions are displayed in real time, not a coded system of indicators. Curtis® Gemini® systems are factory set for out-of-the box operation with pre-programmed recipes that ensures a consistent brew, every time. And, with scroll-through menus it’s just as easy to fine-tune the brewing process for your exacting gourmet coffee profile.

G3 Digital Control Module

Complex flavor from simple controls.

• Precise, digital fine-tuning of the brewing process — optimizes signature coffee flavor.
• Provides gourmet coffee control with Pre-Infusion, Pulse Brewing, Water Bypass and more. No manual adjustments needed.
• Pre-set, one-touch Global Recipes* — based on coffee type, grind and weight — simplify profile setting for gourmet results every time.
*Recipes are based on SCAA Guidelines

Generation 3. The way you want it for the way you use it.

• The G3 digital control module can be field configured for 1, 2 or 3 batch brewing. The programmable functions provide versatility that allows the units to be setup for how it will actually be used in the field. Whether brewing is always the same, switches between decaf and regular gourmet, or traffic just changes three times a day, there is a configuration that is right.

Simplicity combined with complete flexibility.

• Proprietary Heating Algorithm maintains brew temperature to ensure optimal flavor extraction.
• Fully customizable brew settings can be set for each individual brew button.
• Simple, easy-to-understand graphic overlay.
• Large LCD display provides scroll through menu of programming options.
• All brewer functions are clearly displayed in real time.
• Single control module — speeds learning across all G3 Brewers.
• Automatic notification of preventative maintenance needs or service requirements.
• Common parts and front access create an easy to service unit.
• Error codes/condition/service phone number automatically displayed.
• Encapsulated control board, components and switches protect against steam, water and impact.
• User defined Energy Saving Circuitry reduces power consumption.
• One touch grind-to-brew — when combined with a Curtis® ILGD Digital Grinder, brew cycle is automatically adjusted to correspond with selected grind amount for error-free brewing (three batch option only).
• High-volume, hot water faucet for instant beverages and other hot water needs.
• Nationwide network of factory trained service professionals.
• Standard electronic brew cone lock.


While other “gourmet” brewing systems may require expensive and complicated additional equipment to fine tune the brewing process, Curtis® G3 GEMINI® Systems accomplish these settings at the touch of a button!

One simple button lets you select your brew from a variety of pre-programmed coffee recipes. When enabled, the recipe programming will precisely set ALL gourmet functions automatically… from pre-infusion to pulse brewing to water bypass percent. And, you can fine tune your signature beverage even further.

Standard recipes include: Gourmet Standard,* Dark Roast, Light Roast, High Yield, Filter Pack and Decaf.
*Our out-of-the-carton default setting.


Because different operations require different types of service, the GEMINI® Digital Coffee Brewing System is designed to meet your specific needs. Whether your brewing for restaurant table service, a hotel lobby or the neighborhood C-Store, the GEMINI® is ready. In both the single and twin models, the Satellite Servers will always provide the freshest coffee available.

GEMINI Satellite Servers

• Coffee maintains its rich, full-bodied flavor in double wall insulated servers.
• Brew through lid keeps heat and flavor in.
• Warmers can be set on high, medium or low to preserve peak flavor.
• Uniquely designed faucet and sight glass connections practically eliminates heat loss.
• Dual function faucet guard provide multiple carrying points for ease of transportation.
• Standard faucet clearance for cup or decanter service.
• Optional heated serving stands available.
• Satellite Servers are portable and can be removed, letting you set up additional serving stations anywhere.
• Satellite safety lids protect against accidental spills

Restaurant Table Service

Hotel Lobby Service

Service Bar/C-Store Service

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